Friday, August 22

Last ones! Something you don't see everyday!

So we're heading out of Worthington, MN and find ourselves held up by a very large Tube. Hmmm.


Upon closer inspection it appears to be part of a windmill....!! Apparently the driver was having a hell of a time trying to get it onto the approach to the interstate!!! He'd creep forward ... aaaaand back. Forward forward forward.... aaaaand back!! Took us a wee while to get out of town, but we had Muddy Buddies so we were happy travelers and content to watch and wait!


And later.. along the highway somewhere I came upon THIS !! A windmill vane!!! Those things are loooooooong and very flexible. A little startling when you are trying to drive past 'em at speed! :D


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RunninL8 said...

Hey, how do you score out words like the one in the post below. You know, the "trampy". Howdja do that?!?!?