Friday, February 1

AP moment of Oh what a day.

For reasons I refuse to discuss we have acquired a cat it seems. This poor critter has a bum leg, possibly a disclocated shoulder, but that didn't stop her from belting off from me when we took her to the vets, 30 minutes away in the country. I had to climb into ditches, over railway tracks and through barbed wire to get her back and I look as though someone has taken a knife to my chest thanks to her VERY SHARP claws. Sigh!! :D Still, there were some bright spots to the day!

1) the vet, once I had re captured the cat, came over to chat with us. The cat was now ensconsed under Jack's car seat and there was no way anyone was going to be getting her our, so we chatted a little before we drove back home again. Jessie began to regale him with the tale of how we found the cat... she's chattering on , as she does, when he suddenly blurts out "How old ARE you!?!!" We explained she is 8 and homeschooled... he said he was amazed at how mature she sounds when she talks!! ;D ( I bow, inwardly!! )

2) Once we had the cat under the car seat I took the kids to Petco. Jack LOVES to go to Petco as he loves to watch the fish. You know we are going to end up getting fish too... right??! It's just a matter of time!! Anyway, he also loves to go apeshit and run away from me, usually resulting in my abandonment of cart and purse and chasing him around the store. Ha HAH. Not this time buster. Thanks to Parents Please Don't Sit On Your Kids I decided to ignore him. He ran off, Jessie and I walked towards the checkout. Presently we heard "Mummy!!" and here he comes looking all worried and accompanied by a friendly Petco assistant. Moments later he ran off again, announcing as he fled "Bye Mommy!!" ( a clear invitation to chase which I ignored again. ) I tried to explain to the bemused check out girl that I had lost my son but I wasn't worried about it ... and again, after only a minute or two he comes running up to me. "Hello Jack! " I calmly said as I took his hand and we left the store!!! Honestly the BEST trip to Petco we've had in years!! :D Yeahy! and Go Me!! ;D

3rd and final) On the way home Jack was talking and Jessie and I were trying to figure out what he was trying to say. Many of his words are very clear now, but once in a while we are stumped. Jessie said "I could write a Jack dictionary!" and I said what a great idea that was...
" but I CAN'T !! " she said. why not?! "Because he won't stand still to give me all the words!!" LOL!!! For some reason I thought that was really funny!! He'd have to stand still and give her all the words at once!!! ;D

Maybe it's just me!?!? :D

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