Monday, January 28

AP Moment of the day ~ If I ignore you, maybe you'll go away?!

Or at least you might stop throwing a fit and tearing around the room blowing raspberries?!?? No?!? :D

Hot on the tail of the fabulous advice I've been sharing from the Parents Don't Sit On Your Kids book comes this little gem.... Ignore your children's terrible behaviour!! S'right!! Ignore 'em!! Now it does seem to go against the parenting grain, to "let them get away" with bad behaviour but any parenting philosophy that actually suggests I do LESS than before is a winner with me!! ;D Kid goes crazy?! IGNORE!! Child beats up sister?! IGNORE!!! Child stands in front of TV with arms akimbo in order to block as much of the TV screen as is physically possible?? IGNORE!!!!!! Sounds kooky, eh!? :D So naturally I thought I'd give it a whirl!! I'd asked Jack to go the bathroom before watching a movie and he took that as his cue to run, whooping, from the room. Normally this would result in a little noise as I would delicately skip after him in joyous fashion quietly calling out his name in little pixie whispers whilst fairy dust shot out my ass..... ( or something not at all like that...!) but this time... IGNORE. "OK Jack! " I said. And I turned and walked away. Momentarily Jack tears into the kitchen and goes "Nya nya ny Nya Nya!!" wiggling his tongue and fingers at me in a clear attempt to provoke me into a chase. I look at him.. "Are you ready to go to the bathroom, Jack?" He runs off, giggling. "Ok Jack," I said and I turned and walked away. He ran in and blew raspberries at me. He tugged on my jeans' pockets..... to no avail. I simply would ask if he was ready to go the bathroom and without an appropriate response I would turn and ignore. This went on for about 5 minutes when suddenly he decided he was ready to go pee so I could help him with his movie. He went straight into the bathroom, I helped him with his pants and then helped him with his movie, not once mentioning his acting out. It worked like a charm!!!! He's realizing I mean business. I'm giving him one shot to do something then I will help him with it. He is learning that acting up will not get him the attention he is seeking, but he will get positive attention if he does as he is asked! :D

We'll see if I can keep it up! :D

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