Wednesday, January 30

AP Moment of the day ~ No comparison!

Or, don't read other homeschooling blogs if you don't want to feel like an inefficient,- deficient, something else ~fishent- homeschooling- layabout -slacker Mom!! ;D
or words to that effect!! :D

Today I thought I'd peruse some of my favorite Homeschooling blogs. I love to read what everyone else is up to, always of course, in the vain hope that I will be able to say "PAH! We do SOOO much more than that!!!" .... Hmph. I'm clearly reading the wrong blogs!! :D I won't name names... you know who you are, but some of my FRIENDS * sideways glance * are I'm sure conspiring to make me feel like a nonce!!! :D Yeah! That's it!! They work together to come up with fanciful schemes and then write blog posts about them JUST TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A SLACKER!!!! ;D LOL!!! Well... I'll show them! We do all SORTS of school at our place!! ;D .....

Today Jessie decided she wanted to work more on her new passion... Wizardry. Yep. She wants to be a Wizard. Or she did, until some smarty pants told her that a Wizard is a boy. So she now wants to be an Enchantress. She asked if I was happy that she would be the first Enchantress in the family since she couldn't be the first artist. Of course I was well into my third scotch and soda by then so my reply was less than coherant. I hope. She wore purple Wizard robes all day long, walked around wearing an amulet of sorts, carrying her small dead owl and her books. Apparently they are spell books. Uh huh. She spent some time online searching for spells ( computer studies? Right?!?! ) and then carefully and of her own accord, wrote them into her spell book. ( handwriting!) She then practiced the spells until she could say them with her eyes closed ( memorization! ) and recited them carefully ( public speaking !) When the wished for Unicorn failed to materialize ( comprehension!!) she did not give up ( perseverance! ) but headed back to the computer to try again!! LOL!!! This counts, right!?!!? I mean, she plans on trying to make Gold next week, so that will be Chemistry covered!!! And perhaps we'll be able to weave in Social Studies as she discusses her plans with the fire marshal! ;D LOL!!

I suppose I need to stop reading other people's blogs and focus more on our life together. No one has a perfect life, despite outward appearances, and although from the outside I'm sure our life looks a little Kooky to say the least, inside it's all heart!!! :D

( with a little bit of Magic thrown in!!)


Alicia said...

Well if she's making gold you're set!

And stop with the comparisons. Everybody does it, and everybody else thinks everybody else is doing so much better. Pah. Besides, she's brilliant already. You're done! The rest is just gravy. ;)

Cathryn said...

I think what she's doing TOTALLY counts as learning! And she's probably getting a lot more out of it simply because it is self-motivated. That's awesome!