Thursday, January 31

AP Moment of the day ~ I'm open to a little experimentation!

My smallest child loves Curious George ( or, "Norge" ) and likes to play on the George website on PBS kids. One of the things they show is a clip of children in a classroom doing an experiment to see what dissolves. Jack watches this clip over and over again. Today he obviously decided he had the gist of what they were doing and I spotted him hurrying into the kitchen muttering "Ditholves? ditholves?" ... he started tearing through the pantry, hauling out spice jars and filling large glasses with water...!!

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?! " I quietly enquired! (!ahem!) then, remembering my recent readings, tried again. "Are you hungry?!" I asked.

"No!" he said and carried on scouring the pantry.

I had no idea what he was doing!! :D Suddenly I flashed back a couple of weeks to where Jack was found floating bags of herbs, packages of pasta and other such items in glasses of water. It hit me with a rush... "DISSOLVES!!!" Hah!

"So, you want to see what will dissolve?!"

"Yes, ditholves! .... thalt " !!!

(thalt?! thalt?) "OH!! Salt!! You want to see if salt dissolves?!?! " ...

and so it went on!!! He would procure the necessary ingredient, find a glass and fill it with water then conduct his experiment!! When he'd satisfied his curiosity with one condiment, he would run back to the computer, play the clip again and find the other things the class had used!!! He tried salt, sugar and pepper, and one or two of his own making, including cinnamon, cold tea and some cold left over oatmeal!! ;}

He was happy for about an hour but what thrilled me the most is he did it all himself!!! I got down the items requested if he couldn't reach them and I poured a small dish of sugar out for him rather than give him the entire bowl ( I'm flexible, I'm not stupid!! ) but other than that, it was all his gig!!! He certainly had a ball and I figure he learned a few valuable lessons if nothing other than old oatmeal will not dissolve in cold tea and if you try and eat it it's pretty darn nasty!! :}


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