Monday, January 28

AP Moment of the day ~ Puddle Jumping!

It was 64 degrees today!!! SIXTY FOUR!!! That's just crazy! All the snow is melting but for a tiny bit on the North side of the house. We went for a wonderful walk wearing short sleeves and little else!! The warmth of the sun on our faces and the smell of the warm earth was such a simple but deep pleasure. Ahhhhh. I could feel my blood pressure falling...!! :D

Jack thought it would be wonderful to stomp in every single puddle he could manage and I decided I wasn't going to stop him! It's just water after all! :D Jessie was careful to walk AROUND the puddles as she was wearing a pretty skirt and didn't want it getting wet. We'd walked quite a long way when we discovered we would have to walk through a very deep and large puddle... there didn't seem to be anyway around it!! Jack was so excited and Jessie asked if she could take off her shoes! SURE!! Why not!?!? It's not every day you can go bare footin' in the middle of winter for heaven's sakes! We stopped alongside the puddle. The dog lay down to rest and the kids had at it!! :D The stomped, splashed, sperlooshed and essentially played like they hadn't played in a long while. Curious as to the effect, I casually mentioned that as long as we were playing in the water, we would miss Cyberchase on TV if we didn't hurry and head home!

"ACCCKK!!! We must hurry and GOOOO!!" yelled Jessie.

"Hmm... " I asked her..."What's more important? TV? or Real Life?"

Jessie thought for a moment....."TV!!" she yelled.... laughing!! Then she said "Just kidding!! Real life of course!! Besides, who knows WHEN we'll be able to jump in a puddle this big again!?!"

Simple pleasures, folks!


Alicia said...

We love puddle jumping here too, but it will be a while before we're eligible! Next time mommy has to jump too though! :)

Gorgeous. said...

Pah!! Do I KNOW you?!!? ;P