Tuesday, January 29

AP Moment of the day~Poop Happens!! ;D

Well... it finally happened!! :D

Jessie and I were in the front room together working on something or other this morning when suddenly from the living room we heard "HURRY!!! HURRY" and Jack ran into the bathroom in a mad panic!! He slammed the door behind him and I jumped up and ran to assist!! :D I opened the bathroom door only to have him shove it closed again yelling "NO!! Go 'way!!"

"Don't you need help?" I asked? ( Pleaded, begged...!!)
"No!" he calls back.

I decide that this is his big moment and I walk back to the front room and Jessie and I sit and wait to see what will happen next. Suddenly a half naked Jack BURSTS into the room with a flourish and spreads his arms wide "TAH DAH!!!" LOL!! He had taken himself to the bathroom, removed his pants and pooped ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!! ;D YEAHY!!!! Jessie and I gave much cheers and kudos to him and he beamed with pride!!!!! A moment later I realised that he would NOT have wiped...... so we quickly headed back to the bathroom........ 'D

However! It's a milestone people!!!! It's a HUGE milestone!! :D


Becca said...

That is great Tiffany

Sherry said...

Give a big congrats to Jack! That's great!

Alicia said...

Woo hoo! Very cool. :)

Sarah said...

Go, Jackster!

Big milestones for both our kiddoes, Tiff! I updated our blog re: a milestone for H. then popped over here to check on your family and your Jack is hitting his own milestone. =) Wonderful!

Gorgeous. said...

Well you are all so sweet!!! ;D Now we have to work on wiping. Or do we? Perhaps not. I really am not looking forward to that!! Maybe I'll just throw his underwear OUT !!! LOL!!

Gorgeous. said...
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