Wednesday, January 2

AP Moment of the day ~ The Best laid plans....

...of Rats and Mommas.... or something like that...!!!

Today was spent mostly in clean up mode....again....!!! The kids were sent to have baths, the house was vacuumed ( even under the couch cushions... you could have made a new dog with all the hair there was under there...!) the place spiffy and spruced up, for Company was coming!! :D I'd already put on my make up and done my hair first thing this morning as it's usually the last thing I do before people arrive and I inevitably put it off until the very last moment and you can bet I will hear the doorbell chime as I'm halfway through makeup application and my hair is still in curlers. As such folks must think I choose to wear makeup only on one side of my face!! This time, it must be the New Year working it's charms, I decided that I would be ready in the morning, so that if necessary all I'd have to do before they arrive is touch up my makeup and hair, rather than have to do a full on makeover!! So, I was made up, the house cleaned, the pizzas ordered early so I would not forget to do it. My sink was shiny, the cushions plumped... I'd even begun to put away some of the Christmas decorations!!! At 3:30, as I was cleaning the kitchen floor, the phone rang..... our Company was sick. They would not be coming after all. : ( Don't you HATE when that happens. I was ready to be all upset and stompy when it occurred to me..... wait a minute!!!! The house is spotless! The children are clean! I am wearing MAKE UP and my hair is fancy!!! The Pizza is already ordered......!!!! We actually had a state of almost perfection here and I was about to be annoyed about it!?!?! :D It couldn't be better!!! Hubster picked up the pizza on the way home and we were able to enjoy a tasty meal in a clean house and even had time to play some games with the children before bed!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! It's lovely when your plans can change and you end up having a better time than you even thought you would!!!

Maybe I can invite someone to not come over next week!! :D

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Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i have to invite ppl over every now and then just so that my house gets really cleaned. ;) glad that you had a fun evening and were able to go with the flow even though you had a change of plans.