Saturday, January 5

AP Moment of the day ~ I'm not sure there was one..!!

Not my best day today. Rex and I started out on the wrong foot and it sort of went down hill from there. It was a wiggly line, not an all out dive, but still.. it wasn't pretty that's for sure. Jack seemed determined to drive me crazy and he ended up spending more time in his room than out of it. I give him the option of doing whatever it is ( or NOT doing what ever it is, such as "Either STOP throwing apple sauce at the wall or go to your room for a while until you can be nice !! " ) Anyway, what with beating up his sister, throwing a basket at her head after emptying out all the library books out of it first ( and I suppose we should be grateful for that!!) and after hauling all the couch cushions onto the deck where they got soaked ( in remarkably short order I must say!) by the melting snow... I was at the end of my ( rather short and frayed at the best of times ) rope. I did far too much yelling and he spent far too much time on his bed waiting for the beast in me to subside I suspect. I did ask him to strip his bed for me since he was in the room anyway, and he did an awesome job of that, especially once I'd shown him how to get the pillows out from the pillow cases..... but I digress...... He has been an absolute nightmare and I have not helped one iota. Yelling doesn't help. Well, sadly it DOES, at least in the short term, which is why people do it, but in the long term it's a fool's game. There's only so loud you can be!!! As it is I KNOW the neighbors can hear us.... I was outside one day getting the mail and was MORTIFIED to hear one of the kids COUGHING from inside the house. Ahem. A cough. A COUGH!!?!?! Imagine how the neighbors must feel when they hear me screaming and yelling at my children. *** hangs head *** I really REALLY want to stop this downward spiral. I've just started reading another book Parents Please Don't Sit On Your Kids
and I'm hoping against hope that this will be the book to turn me around.

If this doesn't work I'm going to have to look into some SERIOUS meds.....

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