Thursday, January 3

AP Moment of the day~ My Daughter thinks I'm MEAN!

Today was take~down~the~Christmas~trees day and you'd think I had gone around snipping toes off small girls the way she was carrying on!! I know how she feels though. I used to HATE when we took down the Christmas tree... all that joy and happiness GONE!! for a whole YEAR!!!! They are always so pretty and colorful and they smell so good!! But, nope, today was the day and DOWN they came. Stripped of their pretty baubles and sentimental decorations. The beautiful lights were ripped from their limbs and the trees themselves were hauled out into the cold and unceremoniously they were tossed from the deck onto the driveway below soon to be hauled out to the park where they wait in a big, post~Christmas pile to be taken, by the city, to the giant chipper!! ( I can't think of the word "Chipper" without thinking of the Friends episode where Phoebe sees all the manky trees and is told they go to the Chipper. She says "Why do I think that's not as happy as it sounds?!?!" )

These days I'm usually well ready to get the trees out and to have the house back to normal. Christmas usually drags on for too long and I am well pleased to be done with it by January. This year it seemed to go particularly fast, I don't know why, so even I had a little twinge of regret when it came time to take them down. I packed up the ornaments back into their boxes and got a flash of remembering. Every year, when I box them all back up, I wonder where we will be and what will be happening when I get them back out again. It's New Year's Eve all over again and I am struck at how shockingly fast a year goes. I remember packing them all up last January and wondering then at where our lives were going to lead us.

Where ever we are this time next year, I hope Jessie will have forgiven me by then! :D

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