Sunday, January 6

AP Moment of the day ~ Filling my cup!

Who knew that a mere two or three hours of alone time can make me a happy Mama?!? I have been so seriously depleted lately and have not been very pleasant to be around at all. My moods have been dreadful and my temper has been on a hair trigger for the last few weeks ( if not longer if I dare to be honest...) Things have been heating up and a blow up was inevitable. It was decided that I should take some time to go out alone. I needed to return a couple of items I'd picked out (but not tried on) at Christmas time. This involved me going to a really lovely store with lots of pretty and inexpensive clothes, purses, shoes and knick knacks! I really love it and the people are so helpful. I spent an hour or two in there, trying on various outfits and plotting ways to get the most out of my store credit! :D From there I went to Super Target, another of my favorite places! I picked up one or two things there also and whilst there noticed how many mothers and daughters there were shopping together. Mothers with little girls the same age as mine! It warmed my heart to see them together and to watch them interact with each other!! They were all so sweet!! It was like a little cosmic sign, a sign that things will be alright. I ALWAYS miss the kids no sooner have I pulled out the driveway without them, but, as they saying goes, How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away!?!? :D that's the conundrum of homeschooling. It's wonderful for your family, you bond so tightly together... but then Mama goes slowly insane as she never, ever, gets 5 minutes alone!!

Today refreshed me. My cup is once again filled and I can go probably about a month before I need to get out alone again. Best to go out once a week though, you know, just to be on the safe side!?!?! :D

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