Saturday, December 22

AP Moment of the day~Finding a moment to bond

Or how to spend more than 10 minutes with your kids when you are gearing up for Christmas and have two chocolate wreaths, 194 cookies and a partridge in a pear tree to deal with.

This evening my hubby wasn't feeling his best so he took two aspirin, went to bed and promptly fell faaaast asleep. My son wasn't far behind him telling me he was tired and going to sleep with out effort or prompting, at 7:00 !!!! Now he usually is asleep by 8:30, but 7 o'clock is a record!! So it was just the girls!!! Jessie and I had the evening to ourselves!!! :D We turned on the TV and found that Elf was showing. We love that movie so we sat and watched that together. During the commercials I would run into the kitchen and clean it up and during the show we played Checkers together. It was a really enjoyable couple of hours and I hope to have some more of them! :D Perhaps tomorrow I can take some time with her, though more than likely with both children, and take them to the mall... it's going to be nuts with all the people, but the great thing about crazy~two~ days~before~Christmas~in~the~mall shopping is when you have already got all your gifts purchased there is no stress at all!! Just fun!! We can savor the atmosphere and look at the decorations in relative peace!!! I've tried shopping for the "perfect gift" on Christmas Eve once before... Never. Ever. Again!! :D

Anyway, the point I was shooting for is that it is so important, especially in this crazy, hectic time of year, to eek out time with the children. It's (almost!! ;P ) as important as those wretched holiday cookies!!! :D

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