Saturday, December 22

AP moment of Yesterday!!! :D ~ Learning what sets off your child.

Oops!! Skipped a day there! :D I'm sure you all noticed and were writing your congressmen...!! ;D You should write to them, they love mail! :D

OK! Well yesterday was a VERY busy day to say the least. We made cookies and delivered them to all and sundry all over town. Mostly to businesses yesterday, we'll make more today or tomorrow for our neighbors. I had to hit the businesses on a weekday or I'll end up giving the cookies to the Saturday help, who usually have no idea who we are! :D

Anyway, we rush rush rushed through the entire day and for the most part the kids were just wonderful. At one point poor Jackster just lost it though. We had gone to meet a family who live out in the country and see if they would be willing and able to watch the children once in a while if I had an appointment or some such thing. I wanted my children to meet the family and spend time with them first rather than just dropping them off on total strangers and heading out the door! :D Anyway, the children had a lovely time and Jack really enjoyed playing cars with the young son. We had lots of errands to run and it was time for the family to have naps and such so I suddenly declared it "Time To Go!" and we all got up to leave. Poor Jack was devastated!!! "I STAY HERE!!!" he yelled!!! He loved it there and would have been perfectly happy if I had left!!! We cajoled, wheedled, pulled and dragged him to the car, all the time him yelling "I STAY HERE!!! I STAY HERE!!!!!!" and I wrestled him into his seat. I spoke kindly to him and said "You wish you could stay and play all day... you were having a nice time playing trucks. I should have given you a little warning first shouldn't I?" Poor boy. I meant what I said. I was so busy running everything I had to do through my head I hadn't given much thought to whether he was ready to go!!! Well unsurprisingly the little guy fell asleep in the car and I was able to finish all the rest of my errands with him napping. He slept for maybe an hour or more. That was when it dawned on me how tired he probably was. I have also noticed that when he is hungry his behaviour really goes down hill. he starts to throw things and fight with his sister, he runs around and yells more...! I'd never had put two and two together but one day it just hit me that he hadn't eaten and maybe FOOD would calm him down. Once I got that in my head I've been a lot more careful to make sure I keep him adequately fed and rested.

Sounds obvious perhaps, but I'm not really as smart as I look! :D

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