Tuesday, December 18

AP Moment of the day ~ Fostering Independence

Or what happens when your son doesn't want you to come home....!!

Today I had promised my kidlings that if they were very very good cousin Megan would come and babysit for them whilst Mummy went a~shopping~o !! They LOVE cousin Megan, and who wouldn't!? She's cute, funny, turns them upside down at a moment's notice, loves cooking with them, is not much taller than they are and she loves them to bits! :D So, naturally, they were thrilled at the prospect of a visit from her. Well, Hubby was sick home from work today, and I'm sure you know how that goes? It seems to take sooo much longer to do anything when there is an extra body in the house, even if it IS upstairs, the fact that someone else is home during the day can really throw routines out of the window. Ah well... anyway... the point is I was running a touch behind when Meggie arrived and I had promised to take Jessie to the library van so we could drop off a gift of HOT BUTTERED RUM (!!) to our library lady. She is SOOO good to us and such a lot of fun, we usually spend hours talking to her when we go to get books, but today we knew we'd have to dash in, pick up one or two books and then scarper so I had time to do a bit of shopping before Meggie had to get home for dinner...!! Well... we got to the van..... and our lady wasn't there!!!!! WHAT?!?!? the one time in MONTHS she wasn't there and it would be the time we had HOT BUTTERED RUM for her!!! I was forced to entrust it to the "substitute" library~van~lady and hope to goodness that she would indeed give it to our lady ( Rebecca is her name!! I make her sound like some kind of royalty! ;D ) and not hog it all for herself!!! (I'm kidding!! I'm sure she'll pass it along.... I'm sure she will. She will. I know she will. yeah... )
Anyhoo!! :D so we were much faster than even I had hoped we would be but we still managed to gather three bags of library books!! We have over one hundred checked out at the moment!!!
I'm digressing.. aren't I?!! :D

Well we were fast and got back home so I could drop off Jessie and the books and head back out the the stores! I walked in the house and was greeted by Jack!!

"Hello JACK!!" I say


Instantly he starts jumping up and down and crying... pointing and yelling at me!!! He wants me OUT!!!! He does NOT want me to be home yet!!! He has NOT had enough time with Megan!!!!! :D LOL!!!

I suppose I should be hurt, but eh, I don't mind really!! :D LOL!!!!! I gathered my wits, kissed my bairns, and headed back out to the store, pretty darned confident that my kids weren't missing me one iota. ...

Funny how that doesn't stop me missing them.....

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