Sunday, December 16

AP Moment of the day... you know you might be an AP Parent when...

You are sitting on the couch with your hubby after a loooong day "in the field" and you are watching his favorite TV show on DVD. The action is getting tense, things are going to get really exciting and.... AND...... you hear the thump thump thump of pyjamaed feet stomping across the ceiling as your smallest and most troublesome child heads from his bed, to yours. Instead of looking around the room to see if anyone else might be around to take care of him OR pretending you don't hear anything and seeing which one of you jumps first, you simply get up, right away, and head for the stairs. Bonus points if you also turn back and say "You watch it without me, don't wait, I have a little boy to take care of" !!!! This AP stuff must be catching! :D

Oh, and you know you're a good blogger when you come back down 30 minutes later having, naturally, fallen asleep next to the cuddle bug, and instead of watching the rest of the show, you head to the computer to blog about it!! LOL! :D

That's me!! AP Mama / Blogger extraordinaire!!! (If only!!! :D)

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