Monday, December 17

AP Moment of the day ~ Happy Hormone Hogging Homemaker!

Or, the things you do for your kids!! :D

Apparently my hormones have gotten out of whack. ( what is whack? Is the rest of me IN whack? Just my hormones were OUT of it?? Can they get back in?!!?) ahem. Anyway, the nice pharmacy lady I spoke to a few weeks ago said she would be able to help me and she was preeeeetty sure that my progesterone level was low. If we raise it up with these little magic pills, then my life will suddenly get 100% better!! It has been known to save people's marriages!!! I MAY win the lottery!! It's THAT good!! :D So anyway, I got my progesterone today!! Whooot! But first, I had to take a spit test...and for anyone else who has had to take that wretched spit test you have my utmost sympathy. It was HOOOOOOrrendous!! Who knew it could take up to 45 minutes to fill a tiny tube with slobber. UUUugggghhhhh. Sooooo, once I'd filled the tube and gone through all the rigmarole that pertains to getting the children ( and the dog ) out of the house in winter, we headed to the pharmacy, dropped off the Vile Vial of Bile ( not bile, but it rhymes... give me some leeway...!!) and I was rewarded with a small tub of Happy Hormones!!! Hoooray!! The pharmacist explained everything to me... (how many times I take how much on what day, depending on which way the wind is blowing and if the moon is full or may be full depending on if it's cloudy or there's a chance of a chicken........ ) all very straight forward I'm sure... I'll just have my people look at it and see if they can make head nor tails of it! :D She explained that, as I am on day 18, I needed to take two pills today, one in the day and one before bed. ....

"You can just take it when you get home," she reassured me, patting me gently on the arm, tilting her head slightly and looking, sympathetically, in my eyes. PAH! Forget that!!! I wrestled briefly with the childproof top, fumbled around for a pill and shoved it under my tongue immediately. The Pharmacist looked a little aghast!

"No, no, you don't understand!!" I mumbled around the troche,

" I have children in the car!!! I have to take it right away....It's for the sake of the children "

Man. I'm feeling better already! :D


Melissa said...

Yep, I remember those moments when I said to my sister, "I don't even drink but I may have to right now for the sake of the children!" She's brought me a bottle of red wine to keep just in case with a note on it to show me she understands.

The one thing I remember my dr telling me that was really important was to take the pill the same time each day. Glad you are feeling about a week the loopy feeling will wear off but at least you'll have a great week before Christmas!

Gorgeous. said...

LOL!! Thanks Melissa!! I'll be sure to try and take it around the same time, thanks!! And I'm looking forward to it kicking in!! Imagine! I might actually be SANE under all this!! :D

Oh and I don't think you can ever have too much Red Wine on hand for emergencies! You should keep it under the sink with the flashlight, candles and batteries! :D