Monday, November 26

AP Moment of the day ~ Thank GOODNESS for Mister Spoon!

Today we used up the very last of the Thanksgiving leftovers!! I'm amazed they are all gone!!! Tonight Beans and I made Vegetable soup and it was really very tasty! All the veggies were well seasoned when we served them for Thanksgiving, so they were even better when cooked up in the soup. Daddy and I had the soup thick, like a stew. It was very tasty!! The kids liked theirs smoooother, so I pureed it up and added some milk to make it "creamy and delicious!!" .... Jackster wasn't buying it. He wasn't buying ANY of it. He got down from the table, he begged for popcorn "Boppy DORN?... Boppy DORN??.... BOPPY DORN!!!!!" over and over and over again until I thought I might, I just MIGHT flip my lid. I tried the "When... Then...." approach ( from Kids Are Worth It ) but he didn't care WHO said it would work, he wasn't buying that either. I begged, pleaded, cajoled, insisted, ignored, got tired of ignoring and yelled, *sigh* I'd done EVERYTHING I COULD THINK OF... until.... wait.... it might... just... WORK!!! MISTER SPOON RETURNED!!!!!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!!! Mister Spoon is AMAZING!!! That spoon guy can get Jackster to eat JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!!! :D The first thing he does is say, in a lovely, high pitched and happy voice...."Hiiiiiiiii Jackster!!! It's MiiiiiIIIIIISTER SPOON!!!" Jackster, without fail, will look at the spoon and say "Hi" !!! :D Then mister spoon uses his charm, wit, and poise to get Jackster to eat his food.... and when that fails he pretends to cry!! ( I know, I know... bribery, blackmail, corruption... oh horror, oh horror. So sue me!! These days Jackster has pretty much given up on all foods except those of the bread family!!!!! Rotten kid used to eat any thing and everything, but these days... pah!!! so, yes, I'll use bribery if I have to!!! ) anyway, the spoon may cry...!! Jackster, then, very sweetly will say "Don't cry....!!!!" and he'll take a bite of food!! As long as Mister Spoon is feeding him, he'll eat anything!!! Mister Spoon ROCKS!!! Right now Mister Spoon is headed for the dishwasher, but he'll be back in the morning for .....Oatmeal !!!!

Mister Spoon. If you don't have one, get one!! ' D

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