Tuesday, November 27

AP Moment of the Day~ Priorities

Picture the scene. Mama and the kiddies have just come home from running countless errands and appointment after appointment. There is laundry to do, dishes to clean, dusting, vacuuming, dinner to make, menus to write, Christmas lists to make, school to do ..... it's a long and never ending list..... and the boy wants to snuggle on my lap...!! Ok... but make it quick hon... and maybe I can type as I hold you...... but then, as he snuggles with me, he falls asleep in my arms. Suddenly nothing is important anymore. His warm little body nestles close against mine and I realise I can sit here all day and not do anything or even feel the need to do anything but gaze at his sleeping face, kiss his soft cheeks and breathe in his warm, vanilla cookies smell.

This is my priority. Right here. Right now.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Yes, that's the stuff that matters forever. Big smiles. :)

Lou said...

I started reading your blog thanks to a ds list, I love it! You are so right nothing more matters but that magical bond even when the kid is asleep.

Greetings from Sweden

Gorgeous said...

Thanks, Lou! How wonderful to have a reader in Sweden! :D I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! :D