Thursday, November 29

AP Moment of the day ~ feeling each other's pain.

This afternoon the children played in the basement for quite a while. They had been happily down there for some time when I heard a terrible yell. It was Jackster and he was getting louder. He came up the stairs, sobbing and yelling "Yey Yee..... down a nairs.... Yey Yeee...." I thought that Jessie must have done something to upset him, maybe she had taken something from him or they had fallen out .... I couldn't understand what he needed and he was so desperately sad... I began to grow afraid something horrible had happened. I called out to Beans and she came up the stairs to me. I asked her what had happened and she began to cry too... Apparently Jackster had accidentally caught her in the eye with a DVD box as they were looking at them and it had really hurt her. Jackster was obviously really upset and scared that he had hurt her and they were both in a state!! Lots of cuddles and kisses and reassurances that all was well and the event was forgotten.

Fast Forward to bed time. We are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. I try to keep things calm and peaceful at bed time, it's more conducive to sleep that way! Jackster was feeling very cuddly and kept snuggling me so Beans, naturally, felt left out. She wanted to snuggle too, so I sat down and held her tight. Jackster wanted more so we had a group hug and cuddle. When we were all sufficiently loved up, we got up to go to bed. Beans and Jack headed for the bathroom door, Jessie hurried out of it and quickly pulled it shut behind her..... onto Jackster's FACE. Jackster was wounded emotionally and Jessie was devastated, she hadn't meant to do that.... She started sobbing, Jackster then was worried about Jessie so he started sobbing......!!!!! Again, even more hugs, kisses and reassurances and by morning it will all be forgotten.

Honestly, these two are the most compassionate kids! Sure, they wrestle and fight over things and such, but if one is ever sad or hurt, the other one joins right in! It must be the "Attachment" part!!!

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