Thursday, February 7

And the award for Best Daughter in the world goes to.....

....THIS girl!!!

Best Daughter Ever!! ;D 

What a star!!!  I had a pretty stressful day with one thing and another so when I put Millie down for a nap I fell asleep.  When Millie and I woke up I suddenly realized that Hubster would be home any moment and the kitchen was a DISASTER!!!  I came downstairs in a hurry and found......

THIS!!!  Bless her heart she had tidied the whole kitchen up for me!!!  I am so proud of her and so grateful to her for her help!!  What a star!  She knew just what I needed!!!  Top that off with a husband who brings home dinner.... (Chipotle AND ribs AND chocolate brownies......) and you can see what a lucky gal I am!!!!  

Thanks so much, Jessie... you ROCK!!! :D  xxxx

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