Tuesday, February 5

Busy? Oh yeah!

Oh boy!!

So I did NOT get a good night's sleep last night either.  I went to bed at midnight ( I know, more fool me... ) and between the hours of midnight and seven am I was up FOUR TIMES with Millie.  I was worn OUT today!  I did get a lot done though....  dishwasher, bathrooms, kids fed...( yeah, I count feeding the kids!!) etc ... I also paid the bills, took everyone to the bookmobile, managed to get some rows of crochet done ( and I mean THREE... sheesh.. they take about 30 seconds a row.. but there ya go... three.  )  I got some school done with the kids, finished cleaning up my room ( though I still have a ton of stuff to get to the Goodwill store.. ) I watched a baby wearing video and tried out several new carries for Millie and I managed to go for a quick walk using the sling and the Baby Wearing coat the fabulous Lisa sent me!!  Millie and I needed to get some fresh air and sunshine!

This will work just fine!! 

Now... now I'm ready to go to bed... I'm so tired!!  I ensured Millie had THREE one hour naps today so I'm hoping that will result in a longer sleep tonight.  I think she has been over tired lately ( I know I have!! )  Well see how it works out!

Here's the "after" shot of our bedroom... looks better than yesterday!! ;D

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