Monday, February 4

Out of the closet ....!

Well I feel I have to type fast because it's been such a busy day!!!!  ;D   I did NOT get a lot of sleep last night...  *glares* but I DO have an adorable baby girl soooo... I guess that's ok!! ;D  I spent the morning trying to get stuff done around the house... and failing mostly!!  I did get the beds stripped and the bedding washed, got the toilets cleaned, dishwasher emptied, dinner in the slow cooker, school done at least a little bit, trash cans emptied, two more kitchen drawers cleaned out and sorted and I cleaned up some cat puke ( *glares again!*)  I also did an awful lot of nursing during which time I was able to finish my book "Let's Pretend This Never Happened!"  What an awesome book!  I loved it!!  It really is laugh out loud funny!!   Later in the day ( and I'd say "after lunch" only I realised tonight that we "FORGOT" lunch!!  HOW did we forget lunch?!?!  Jack is usually ALWAYS hungry!  I've no idea how we managed to miss it!!  I guess that Cream of Rice for breakfast really filled him up!!! ( YuK!! The only reason we have that in the house is because when I was pregnant with Millie my iron was low and that was a way to get a lot of iron... only it didn't work because I wouldn't eat it BECAUSE IT IS GROSS AND LOOKS LIKE WALLPAPER PASTE!!!! )  As you know we are eating out of the pantry (Yes, still....!!!) and so that stuff needs to be eaten by somebody and I am NOT doing it !!!  LOL!!  I guess it goes to show just how enough Maple Syrup can make anything palatable.  Almost.

Anyway, I totally digressed!!  So, after all the chores and nursing and reading I got to get back up in my bedroom where I cleared out my bedside table and got to work more on my closet.  It is here that Flylady would have a conniption fit.  I hauled EVERYTHING out of my closet and dumped it on the floor.  It's a really bad idea but I needed to know what was in there so I would know what needed to go where etc!  Ooooh!!  I just remembered I took a pic to show you what a mess it was!!  Hang on .......

Yeah......  and that's not really the worst of it.... I was halfway done when I though to take the pic!! :D  
So... yeah.... that's a actually looks a LOT better now but Millie is sleeping and it's dark so I'll post an "after" picture tomorrow!!

In the meantime enjoy these lovely pics of my littlest ....!!

She looks like something from The Sound of Music here!! 

And now she just looks cute!! :D 

What happens when you have a big sister, a baby sister, and a BIG box?!!? ;D  THIS!!!

Toodles!! :D 

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