Friday, February 8

A day in the life ...

Well I got some good sleep last night... not sure what's going to happen tonight.. baby girl fell asleep at 6:30.... and ... it's 8:30 and she's still "Napping".... um.... she usually goes to bed for the NIGHT at 9.... eek.  Is she going to wake up at 10:30 tonight and be all rested?!!?  Will we get ANY sleep tonight?  Will she sleep through the night and surprise us all??  Tune in tomorrow to find out!!

Pay no attention to the cat infront of the screen...!!
Today we had a visit from Mary in the afternoon which was lovely!  We weren't sure whether she was coming and I'd spent most of the day sort of putzing about not really getting anything done but once we heard she was coming, well, it was all systems go!!  We put on a timer for 30 minutes and got busy!!  I lit the fire, started some scones baking in the oven, put the kettle on to boil and hoovered the main floor!  The kids hustled all their bits and pieces up to their rooms and Miss Millie sweetly kept herself busy with her toys.   Mary and I chatted for a while in front of the fire until Hubby came home from work and then I put Millie to bed for her "nap"... see above... whilst Rex started making some soup!!  I came back own and added a couple more ingredients and ... yum!  It was lovely.

So basically a pretty simple day.  I got a bit more crocheting done and will probably do even more tonight, I have the back finished now.  This really shouldn't be taking this long, I just haven't go as much time as I used to have!! ;D

Back.. done!!

.... ahah... Millie is stirring apparently and the timer has gone off to alert Jack to bedtime... looks like it's going to start getting busy around here!!

Ahhh.... lovely! :D 

Night all!! ;D

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