Thursday, March 7

Drama. And Laundry.

Well well!!   It seems we have Millie's lack of sleep issue FIXED!!!  She just needed some solid food before bed!!  This simple little addition has resulted in lovely long nights of MUCH needed sleep however somehow I feel more tired now than I did!!  I've been doing some reading on sleep debt and apparently getting extra sleep after having been sleep deprived can make you feel worse for a while! I feel like the dog's dinner right now!!! Ah well... hopefully we can continue to maintain a decent sleep routine now and I can begin to restore my energy levels!!!  ( OH MAN we hope so!)

So in other news, let's see... Today was ( and still is I guess, ) Thursday.  Thursday is Jessie's day for Drama at the Coop (Co-op!?) but it doesn't start until 2.  We have to leave our house about 1:40 to get there and I honestly spend the entire day thinking about it.  I really HATE having an appointment in the afternoon!  I'm such a morning person in that respect!  I like to get things done and over with.  Sitting around and waiting all day for an afternoon appointment gets on my nerves!!  ( And I'm SURE being sleep deprived has NOTHING to do with it?!?! :D )  Happily I have made a lovely friend there so going and sitting for an hour and chatting isn't so bad!  She wasn't there the last two weeks and I sure did miss chatting with her, but she was there today so that was nice!

We were supposed to have some relatives over to visit this afternoon but they ended up changing their plans.  It's a shame as we were looking forward to seeing them and they haven't met Millie yet... but it will be nice to see them after our trip when I'm a little less nuts!!

As you may have seen yesterday our suitcases came but I was a little unsure that they would be small enough so hubby was sweet enough to go to the airport today and test them in the little measuring thingy and they are just fine so... tomorrow...the packing shall commence.  Jack has already got his bag packed... full of toys.  He and I are going to have to have a chat!!!  He came in the bedroom again this morning trying to convince me it was time to go!!  "But I've crossed off all the days on my calendar!!!" He and I spent a little time with a calendar today learning how they work... This is the MONTH.. there are 12 in a year... and so on.  Then with a tennis ball, a thumbtack and a flashlight I tried to demonstrate how the earth gets light from the sun, why that is a DAY and why, even though we cross off the days on the piece of paper, we STILL have to wait for the Earth to turn before the next day comes!!  We even did an experiment where we closed our eyes, crossed off a day in the calendar and then opened our eyes again and tried to see if it was tomorrow yet...!!  It wasn't.

Other than that, really the day was just schlepping laundry from the couch to the bedroom, stumbling out into the 58 degree sunshine where we stood blinking amongst the other neighbors who had been drawn from their homes by the bright light, trying to make a reasonable dinner with the meagre offerings remaining in the house ( I'm a stress eater it turns out! ) and basically looking forward to going back to bed!!

I did take some adorable pics of Millie today though... if we are Facebook Friends you've already seen one of them but here's a couple more... You're probably sick of pictures of my babies!!

(Tough noodles!!!)  :D

I just LOVE this shot...!!  She looks like a little peasant girl at prayer!

Here comes trouble!

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Anonymous said...

Silly Millie is such a beautiful baby. I just love the pictures!