Friday, March 8

Pizza for 20 anyone? :D

Well Poop. You see, this is what you get when you declare something is "fixed" ... !!  Millie woke up every 2 hours All. Night. Long. last night....  Waaaaahhh!!!  Oh man.  I'm so worn out!  Nevertheless we had things to do so off went hubby to work, and on we went with the day.  I made pancakes for breakfast as we were out of bread, cereal and crackers. Carbs much?  So pancakes it was. They were yummy.  AND as I cooked them withOUT butter this time, the kitchen was a LOT less SMOKY!  I DO hope I remember to not use butter next time, remind me, 'K?

After pancakes I gave Millie some milk and a little rice cereal ( wall paper paste.. ) and then lay her down for a nap.  She napped for one hour! ( Progress! ) During her nap I had a shower and got dressed then after I took her into town to the store.  We did a little shopping and then I called hubby to see how he was doing... He offered to meet us for lunch so Millie and I headed to Red Robin to wait for him.  I ordered the roast veggies and hummus which was an appetizer... I ate it, Rex had some, Millie had a taste AND I took the rest home and fed Jess and Jack for lunch!!  Pretty good value if you ask me!!  While we were at the restaurant we heard from our friends who were going to come and see us yesterday. They were back in town so we invited them over for pizza tonight.  They agreed and so we arranged for them to come over at 5:30 or they would call if there was a problem.  Tonight was the Mom's night out for the Down Syndrome group in town but since I hadn't seen these guys since last summer, I chose to skip the night out and visit with them instead.

I went home, hubby back to work, and 15 minutes after I got home Charlotte and Mary came to visit!  Mary and I chatted as Char and Jessie (and Jack) played together.  Hubby called to say he'd pick up the pizzas and I began to tidy the house whilst Mary helped watch Millie.  After Mary went home ( Char is spending the night ) I finished off cleaning and vacuumed the place.  Rex arrived soon after with two huge pizzas and asked if we had been robbed! Hah hah.  :D

Anyway, it was 5:40 and I had a little voice in the back of my head wondering if they had sent a text or anything, since they hadn't called.....  yup.  2:38 they texted saying they were going to have Happy Hour drinks and dinner with friends at the hotel and would we be around TOMORROW to visit.  Sheesh.. Fool me once and all that.  We were pretty cheesed off. I hadn't heard the text, the phone lives in my purse, it's one of those old ones, you know, a PHONE not a social network, I don't keep it in my hands all day long, so I didn't get the message.  Now we had enough Pizza for 17 people.  Still, at least the house is clean.  Grrrr.

So I was in rather a rotten mood after that!!

Anyway, I gave Millie some dinner and took her upstairs for a bath.  She was CrrrrRRRaaaZY!!  She was wriggling around and being an absolute GOOF ball.  She had a really quick bath but stood up to get out after only a moment or two, so I bundled her up, dried her off and got a diaper on her.  I've been paying close attention to her mouth lately and tonight I stuck my finger in there and.... guess what?!!?!  I feel a TOOTH!!!   I can't believe how fast my little baby is growing!!  So there ya go.  I gave her some milk, swaddled her up and she's snoozing peacefully with her Hobbes tiger that Jessie bought her.

Jessie and Charlotte are up in Jessie's room playing games and reading

 and Jackster is sitting at the table watching something or other on the iPad and trying out the headphones he is going to be using on the plane!!

Time for me to get him to bed and to get myself a nice cup of tea I believe!!
Night Peeps!

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