Tuesday, March 5


So the word of the day today is.... Hospital.    Ugh.!!

St. Elizabeth Hopital!
My FIRST trip out to the hospital was this morning when I met Rex and we went to see Brendy and her new baby, stopping first at Panera to have some lunch and to pick her up some soup.  From what I recall, hospital food is bland to say the least!!  Rex and I stopped in and visited with Brendy and her beautiful little doll and then I dropped Rex back at work and I headed home.  I fiddled around a bit doing crazy things like taking apart the car seat and washing it all and squeezing in a quick nap with Miss M.   At 7pm we put Millie to bed and at 10 she woke up sounding dreadful with a terrible cough.  Her breathing was a struggle and frankly she was scaring us.  We took her outside in the cold air and that seemed to help and she was in fine spirits, but after the bronchialitis of two weeks ago we got nervous, packed her in the car and it was BACK to the hospital.  They decided she had croup and gave her a breathing treatment.  We have to see our PD in the morning and discuss whether she really needs a steroid shot too.  (I'm hoping for "no") So one thirty in the morning and we are back home.  She still sounds pretty rough when she coughs so if I get any sleep at all it will be with one ear open!

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