Wednesday, March 6

Suitcase Day!! :D

Waaay haaay!!   Guess who's daughter slept for HOURS and HOURS last night?!?!  MINE!!!  Guess who ALSO slept pretty dang well thank you very much?!  ME!!  Guess who is surprised to find she's still pretty tired tonight though??  Me again....  It's going to take a few good nights for me to be fully recovered I think...!!

Miss Millie was in an AWESOME mood this morning though!!  She was SOOOO  cheery and happy after such a lovely sleep!!  Here she is meeting the new baby in the mirror!!  She LOVES that baby and whenever she sees her she tries to give her big slobbery kisses!!

In other news... THESE arrived today......... !!!

Jessie and I spent some time watching out the window for the Fedex man and when he arrived we were pretty excited!!! :D One week today and we'll be strolling the streets of Pareee!! :D

I've been trying to give Millie some solids in hopes that it will help her sleep.   ( It's not working tonight of course, I really REALLY didn't believe I would get two good nights in a row...!  I think tonight she may have had too much to eat and her tummy probably hurts... : (   )

Anyway here she is chewing on a spoon....!!

I posted this blurry one because she looks JUST like me in it!!!  I'll see if I can find the baby pic I am thinking of.......  

Bah.  I can't find it.  Ah well.. I'll keep my eye out for it anyway! ;D 

So given that I had lots of sleep and we were all in good moods I was able to get a fair bit done in the house.  Laundry litters the couch tonight but it will all be put away tomorrow.  You know how it goes.  

So my plan tonight is to get to bed FAST before Millie catches on ...  I hope her tummy doesn't bother her too much, poor munchkin!!

Love that Millie is hamming in this one!!

Night all!

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