Wednesday, January 2

January 2nd, Day TWO! :D

Well today started out great too!  I did all my morning stuff as yesterday, dressed to shoes etc!  Hubby noticed the make up this morning...!!  The sink was shiny from last night and the kettle was full and ready to go!  I'd laid out Millie's clothes along with mine last night so getting her dressed was easy too! Today's missions were to take down some more Xmas decorations and to clear the hallway.  I did both of those and then went to tackle Jack's bedroom.  BOY that kid's room was a mess.  He has so many toys.  Nothing really major, just little plastic this and thats.  Stuff that people give him at the store or the bank or the beach, junky nicknacks...  stuff that makes me bananas!!!   We cleared it all out!!  I got a huge contractor sized trash bag and together Jack and I tossed a ton of stuff.  Anything in good shape that doesn't get played with is going to the Children's home.  He's happy to give away his toys "to another boy" so it feels good to clear out and leave him with only the things he loves.  Luckily my Mum is here to take care of Millie otherwise I wouldn't get any time to do things.   I know ultimately a tidy house isn't the be all and end all, but BOY it makes me feel a lot better!

After Jack's room and lunch I took some time on mine.  I had three laundry baskets full of clean clothes to put away.  Since the baby's room is our room and I cleared out some of my drawers to make space for ALL her clothes, it's a PITA to put my stuff away since I don't have enough room.  I'm REALLY looking forward to tossing out some of my clothes from my closet! ;D

The house is starting to feel cleaner already and I'm much more happy about it!  It was really getting to me!  I'm a tad reluctant to put away the decorations as the house always looks so bare without them, but hey, I'll do it if I have to !!  :D

The only snag we had today was the dishwasher.  Hmmm.  The door fell off.  Huh.   Guess we wore it out!!  In a moment of serendipity though, I had called the appliance repair guy an hour earlier to come out and check our dryer.  He's coming out tomorrow so I'm going to ask him to look at the dishwasher first!! We had to take everything out of it and wash it BY HAND in my shiny sink !!!   Didn't take long though.. not even 15 minutes!! :D  And it's SHINY again now!!

So, I'm curious, have you got all your decorations down yet?!  Have you started Flylady or another system for taking care of your house??  Would you like me to start writing about something else now?!?! :D  LOL!!  (Don't worry, I will, when Something Else happens!! LOL!!) Oh and would you like me to post before and after pics when I tackle projects??  I wish I'd taken pics of Jack's room!  You would be amazed!! :D   Let me know in the comments, I love to hear your feedback!!

Going to start getting ready for bed now, see you tomorrow!!  Night all! ;D


April Wells said...

I love reading about your day. Maybe it makes me a voyeur. I think it makes me feel closer even though we live so far away from each other.

My only goal this year is to start exercising. I don't know what I am going to do but whatever it is I want to try and do something daily and build up to where I am in a more healthy space..

Our Christmas tree is still up and I think the Christmas train is still in the front yard.

I think the before and after pics would be a great conversation starter or weekly project great for the APHomemaking yahoo group.

Love you. Hug all yours for me.

April Wells said...

by the way,,, how many dishwashers have you gone through in the last couple of years ;-)

Alicia said...

Our Xmas decorations came down a few days ago. For some reason I just wanted them gone right away this year! I stripped the tree and had the kids take all the loads down to the basement to put in the bathtub. Yes, our Xmas decorations go in the bathtub. :) It's not hooked up so it makes good use of it! I am happy to have my old house back and to have my rocking chair back where the tree was.