Tuesday, January 1

New Year's Day!

So.... I started my Flylady following today by getting up, washing my face, getting dressed to shoes ( and putting on make up!!) cleaning the bathroom sink, mirror and toilet and making my side of the bed!  Hubby was confused!!  He said "What's going on?! You are moving with some sort of.... purpose!!?"  LOL!!  I guess that just shows how I'd been moving before!?! :D  I went downstairs and put the kettle on. Whilst it was boiling I unloaded the dishwasher and put in a couple of cups that were out from last night.  I dried the sink, wiped the counters and checked today's missions.....  One was to clean the fingerprints off the walls and windows in the dining room and the Holiday mission was to clear out any Christmas leftovers from the fridge.  I decided to do those both after breakfast.   Hubby decided to make us all breakfast...  french toast, eggs, bacon and so on!  We all ate it up ravenously and I thought I'd have to reclean the kitchen... BUT, and I'm not kidding at all here...  hubby and the two big kids cleaned the kitchen back up and loaded all the dishes in the dishwasher without me even mentioning it....!!  AND IT'S JUST THE FIRST DAY!!!!!  Wow!!! :D

Whilst baby was napping I set my timer for 15 minutes and got to work on the walls and windows.  I didn't think I'd have to worry about the walls but no sooner had I looked at the first light switch I was amazed!!  YUCK!  It's amazing how dirty stuff can get without you even noticing!  I cleaned the walls and then tackled the window.  Here I was lazy and just wiped the window without using my special window cleaning thingy...  now they are clean but streaky.  Not fun when the sun shines in!!  Ah well.. at least they are clean.  I'll worry about the streaky next time.  I still had 6 minutes left so opened up the fridge and tossed out all the leftovers, rinsed out the bowls and loaded them into the dishwasher.  It filled up so I decided to run it.  I took the trash out to the garbage can, tomorrow is collection day so I thought I'd just walk it to the end of the drive for pick up.  (Um.. I was wearing regular shoes and it's thick snow out there... no grip no grip no grip!!)  Anyway, I have since unloaded the clean dishes and the kitchen is looking lovely.

Jessie is busy cleaning out her bedroom today... she's got bags of donations and stuff she's throwing out.  I can't wait to get to my closet... I'm going to let the Minimalist train of thought lead the way for me.  I don't need hundreds of outfits ( I don't really HAVE hundreds....) in the winter I wear jeans most of the time and in the summer I wear capris.  I need to just accept that and be done with it!  I guess I keep thinking I'm someday going to turn into a romantic with flowing skirts and buttoned up blouses, but I'm just a T shirt and jeans kind of gal!!  So anyway, I'm planning on going through our things and purging.  The less we have, the less there is to clean up! ;D

Well... baby is calling!!  I should get back to my cuddling by the fireside with the hubby.  Sooner or later Jess will return ( she had to stop her cleaning project when she spotted a runaway dog in our yard, she's out with her Granny trying to find it's home now ) and I'll need to get some hot chocolate going to warm up the detectives!  Ooops... spoke too soon... apparently Jack is hungry now too ... what a surprise!! ;D  Can't wait to work on my menu planning...  that's going to help a lot too!!

Tonight after dinner and after the kitchen is cleaned and the sink shone, I'm going to lay out my clothes ( and Millie's too ) for morning. I think that's such a great time saver in the morning and really cuts down on the faffing about!!  I'm excited to be back on the Flylady wagon!!  I'm such a nerd!!

Enjoy your first day of the year!!

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