Friday, January 4

On the fourth day.....!!

Another early start... managed to get up before hubby and the kids!!  Got dressed etc and got Miss Millie dressed and changed too!! ;D  Today's mission was to clean the skirting boards and up along the ceiling in the dining room AND the holiday mission was to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations.  I got the trees stripped of everything but their lights ( I love the glow of the tree lights and it's the hardest thing for me to give up!) and every other Christmas ornament is now put away ( thought I REALLY need to organize that closet ...  it's such a mess!)  Tomorrow we'll put the trees out and hubby can bring in the shopvac for the needles!!   Jessie's friend Charlotte came over to visit today, I chatted with Mary, her mom, for a while, then my mum wanted to go out to the store.  She headed out to the van and we prepared to wave her off.  Moments later she returned... no washer fluid.  I found some, we refilled the van and off she went.  I came back in the house to find Mary leaving!!  Her plans had changed with a phone call and she was off.  The baby woke up so I started to feed her.  I could hear the dog barking outside ( but apparently no one else could.....!) and I tried to relax to feed babe whilst ignoring the dog.  Suddenly I heard an all too familiar sound... the sound of a cat puking under the dining table!!  GAH!!  STILL nursing I tried to shoo the cat into the kitchen where he could puke on vinyl ( for EASY clean up!!) but to no avail.  Since I was standing anyway and the dog barking was getting on my last nerve I carried Millie down to the basement to let the dog in.  The dog tore past me and headed up stairs and proceeded to devour the cat puke.  Oh. My. GOD I hate when she does that.  I screeched at her and the kids came running!!  Madness I tell you. Once Millie was fed I put her in her "spaceship" and started to wipe the boards.   I pulled the couch away from the wall and about fainted.  There was another cat there!!  Well... there was enough FUR to MAKE another cat there.  Bloody cat. I continued on along the floor wiping up dust and cobwebs.  I found Jessie's long lost hat BEHIND THE PRINTER....(!!???  What?!!? ) and I moved the piano and cleaned behind that also.   The DUST was horrifying.  Of course during all this Millie sat quietly and played fussed and whittled so that I had to get the girls to entertain her.  For some reason every time Charlotte looked at her Millie would cry!!  Poor Charlotte!!  Rather, poor Millie!!  Charlotte thought it was hysterical.  Jessie and Charlotte tormented Millie by telling her the ending to the Harry Potter saga... !!  Those girls are a hoot!! :D

Anyway, I eventually got the room put back together and although it's not immediately obvious it's nice to know how clean it is behind the couch now!!    I made fish for dinner with a peach cobbler for dessert, cleaned up the kitchen, shined the sink, got the kids to bed, got myself showered and ready for bed and now I'm playing words with friends and crocheting a basket!!!  Why yes, I will sleep well tonight!! ;D

Family Fun Day tomorrow!!  Thank goodness!! ;D

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