Thursday, January 3

On the 3rd day of January...!!

Still here and hanging in there!!  Today's mission was to sweep the front step and clean the front door and the Holiday mission was to spend 15 minutes putting away more decorations!   I put on Jack's winter coat, my boots and some gloves and set to work sweeping!!  It really did improve the look of the place and, as a bonus, I found the lost bird seed.  It was where we store it, in a trash can, right by the front door.  We've walked past it every day for a year, maybe two years.  ..  Do you KNOW how many hours I've spent looking for that thing!!!!! LOL!!! **sigh**

Anyway, I swept the entryway, cleaned the door, put away various bits and pieces that had been left by the door "on the way" to the garage.  Looks lovely out there now!  COLD, but lovely.   The inside entry looks much nicer too!  Coats are away, shoes are neatly placed, the divider area is clean (AGAIN!) ...  people do love a flat surface to put things on!! :D  I spent my 15 minutes in 3 separate 5 minute portions today.  I put away various little things and later took down all the baubles that were hanging from the ceiling.  I suppose I'll HAVE to take the trees down tomorrow....  ah well!  Can't very well be minimalist and yet cling to two giant, dead trees!! : D

This afternoon a guy from Andy's appliances came by to fix my dishwasher!!  Thank goodness!  and also to investigate why the dryer was making such a noise.  I'm the type to not sweat that kind of thing. I HATE paying a call out charge to people just for a "noise" but luckily (!!) the dishwasher fell apart so the call out fee made more sense.  The lovely appliance guy arrived early, fixed the dryer and the dishwasher AND the little gizmo that tells us how many minutes are left on the washer!!  Yay!  I'm sooo happy the dishwasher is fixed.  I kept my sink clean all day but BOY that was a pain!!!

Hubby went out to hang photos in Starbucks tonight and Jess and her Garry went out to the mall... shopping, a movie and Panera.  They had lots of fun!  Jack, Millie and I stayed home and spent a lot of time dancing!!   Rex came home with Burrito Bowls from Chipotle.  Oh how I love those things!! ( If you know something horrible about them, please don't tell me....!!)

Oh!!  I'm thinking of shaving my hair off again.  I'd hoped to do it on the first, for the New Year, but hubby talked me out of it.  I'm not sure that he meant to, but it was enough to make me not do it.  Now it just seems odd to do it in the middle of the month for no apparent reason, but still... I did receive a lot of compliments on it when I did it before and honestly, I think it suits me!! ;D  What do you think??

Well, that's all for now... oh yes... one more thing... when I came down from my shower tonight hubby said he'd made me a "small but significant" present...  warily I opened the cupboard to find he had bought me one of my favorite chocolate bars, Ritter Sport MINT .... AND INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED EACH SQUARE!!!! This is a HUGE deal because usually I open one of those bars and I can eat the whole damn thing without blinking.  Individually wrapping the bits is a genius move!  I had said in the past that I wished they were individually wrapped!!  It will  a) slow me down and b) force me to acknowledge how many bits I've eaten since I'll have the wrappers to contend with !!!!  What a wonderful guy!!! ;D

Ok... well I'm really going now!  Catch you on the flip side!! :D  G'night!!

(Did I use enough periods for ya, Apes!?!?.......)

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