Monday, March 22

This cat is pushing my buttons, poetry in hand, biking hurts my butt, sunshine, wheat grass, and making a hash of everything!!

Well.... we woke up this morning to find TWO piles of cat poop on the floors. One in my room, one in Jessie's. I later discovered the cat had peed on my bed. I was so FURIOUS. DAMN CAT !!! I hoisted all the bedding downstairs to wash ( it's no wonder I can't keep up with the laundry.... ) and ... once down there... discovered the bathroom door had been inadvertently closed ( we had kiddoes over playing yesterday ) and so the cats couldn't get to their litter boxes all night long. OK. So I didn't strangle the cat. ... However.... tonight, I went to put Jack to bed..... PEE AND POOP ON HIS BED!!!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHHH!! I'm DISGUSTED and HORRIFIED and FURIOUS....!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhh. What to do what to do??? I know for sure we're keeping the cats shut downstairs from now on. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. They just can not go upstairs anymore. It is probably too late though....GAH!!

Anyway.... deep breaths..... moving on......!!!

The children had a go at some dice poetry from Alicia's Examiner Page You pick a topic and then roll a die. You then write the number of words as on the die until you are satisfied with your poem.

This is Jessie's


Bunnys and Birds
Deer, fawns at dawn
The sweet berries
Love Spring.

This is Jack's.


and low
Go high, go fast, slow
wind on face
feel joy.

( helped him with the last bit... he had too many words so we picked the good ones! ;D )

It was really fun and the kiddoes enjoyed it!!! Waaaay more than the fractions I tried to do with Jessie later on! : D

The children spend oooodles of time outside today, playing Pioneers! I spent my time riding my bike on the trainer. Again. I put on another movie ( Ocean's 12 ) and gingerly lowered myself back on the seat. Oh dear!! My poor back end!! ;D I ended up stuffing a small cushion into my pants just to be able to sit down!!! Looks like I need to build up some calluses!!!! ( oh wait, that's the guitar..!! )
I did ride for two hours, but man, they were LONG tortuous hours!!! ;D I also had several breaks in the meantime as the phone rang a lot, Jack wanted a smoothie etc etc !; D But I did ride for two hours.... and I'm NOT looking forward to tomorrow!! ;D

Once I was through with my ride we went for a quick walk in the sun to stretch our legs. The BLUE sky was marvelous and so good for the soul! It's lovely to be warm again! ;D

I read this about growing wheatgrass the other day so decided to start some this morning... I was already sprouting the wheat as I wanted to know what would happen... now I know and I'm going to have me some grass! All the more stuff for the blasted cat to chew on! ;D I'll be sticking it in the smoothies as soon as it's long enough! ( the wheatgrass... not the cat...! )

Finally I have to share a miracle that was dinner tonight! You may have heard about my lovely recipe for Brussels Sprouts with caramelized onions? Well I was going to make it tonight only I had no onions!! GAH!! So I improvised!! I chopped the sprouts in my chopper, then chopped potatoes and mushrooms in the chopper too, so it was all REALLY finely chopped. I heated up some olive oil and cooked up the veggies! The kids LOVED it!!! I was AMAZED!! They ate and ate and ate!! They asked for more and more and more!! ;D You could have knocked me down with a feather! ;D

So there ya have it. Kid friendly Brussels.... who knew?! :D

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Risa said...

Great poems! We'll have to try that here. I always find getting them to do some writing quite a challenge.