Monday, January 18

Catching on to casting on, more crayon physics and a birthday cake!

We had another fun day today! For some reason... oh yes, probably because it's Monday... the phone was ringing off the wall. Gah!! I can't get much done if the phone never stops!! Ah well! I tried anyway!! ;D Jessie worked some more on her knitting and finally got the hang of casting on!

She was pretty excited!! ;D

Jessie and I also worked on fractions today a bit of a refresher on the basics before moving on to the tougher stuff! Jessie, Jack and I all played a quick game of "What's Greater" game from the Fraction Jugglers book. Jack did really well and caught on fast! Jack also spent a lot of time playing with the Crayon Physics game I mentioned yesterday. He really understood the concept and once I showed him to check what was going to happen to the ball he realised that some of his drawings wouldn't work and would change them so they would! I was IMPRESSED!!

Jessie and her friend Anna plotted ways to save a magazine and online zine that they both belong to. Apparently it's in financial difficulties ( aren't we all! ) and the girls are on a mission to try and spread the word and try and keep it afloat! I hope it works out for them all and I'm proud of their ambition at least!

This evening we went to my friend Lisa's house as it was her birthday!

She'd made a beautiful looking Princess cake at her daughter's request!

And once I'd shown her how to work her fabulous camera, she took all kinds of photos of it!! ;P

We had a really fun time!! Jack fell asleep on the couch and Jessie thought she might throw up as she'd eaten so much Pizza, but the rest of us had a blast!!

We drove home though freezing rain, hustled the kids into bed where they were out like the lights! ;D Now I'm going to try and make good on my promise ( to myself! ) to start going to bed earlier. Hah hah!! ;D Maybe a nice cup of warm milk would help me sleep.... or... CHOCOLATE milk!?!?

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Risa said...

That cake is absolutely gorgeous!

I've got a 7 year old boy who is quite keen on learning to knit. As am I. Would be a fun thing to learn at the next APHS Jamboree!