Friday, January 22

In which the kids make dinner and everyone loves it!!

Well folks, the day finally arrived when I no longer have to make dinner. This is it! Never again will I have to decide what we are having, scramble around at 4:45 for ideas and root through the near barren pantry for an elusive can of beans! No sireee!! The KIDS have taken over the kitchen and they are MORE than welcome to it!! ;D The wooden spoon has been passed!! :D

Tonight's menu was courtesy of THIS wonderful book...

..a Vegan cookbook full of yummy and natural deliciousness!
This is the recipe Jessie picked to make.

I was so in awe of her prowess in the kitchen that I TOTALLY spaced off taking step by step pics of the casserole, but here it is before going into the oven...

Looks delicious, yes??!

....and in it goes!!!

Alongside the casserole Jessie made Roasted Broccoli, which we all love... it's crispy crunchy and yummy!!

First take your broccoli (that's 2c's and 1 L folks. How many times must I misspell that?!?!?! )

Using it as a microphone is purely optional....!

Rinse and chop it into big florets....

Find yourself a nice sized pan...

Stick the broccoli in it ( Whooohooo!! I remembered!!! 2c's 1 L.!!) and drizzle it generously with olive oil...

And sprinkle with salt.

Place the pan carefully in the oven...

... and send your little brother in!

Little brother, Jackster, was going to make Cornbread muffins to go with dinner.
Here he is measuring the butter into a dish so we could melt it in the oven.

Next he gets to tear open the packet mix and pour that into a bowl.

Next add the butter, 1/3 cup of milk and one egg.

And "Turn" ( stir! ) it!!

Spoon the mixture into 6 muffin cups that you have lightly sprayed with non stick spray.

Cook 'em. !!

When dinner is ready make have everyone sit at the table and sample your delicious food!! We all had several servings of everything and wished we had more cornbread muffins!!!

Yum Yum Yum !!!!!

Robin Robertson also wrote this fabulous book too, I just LOVE it. All natural, healthy, Vegan meals.....! I'll have Jessie pick out next week's menus from here tomorrow!!!

So there ya go. The kids finally have control of the kitchen.... All I have to do is sit around and eat bonbons.... AT LAST !!! :D


Missusgarry said...

WELL DONE KIDS!!!!!!! Jessie you're so amazing... I am more than proud of you! ... and good on ya Jack, the muffins looked fab!! :)

k2k said...

I told my family there was no food fairy and look! You've found two!!!
WTG kids!

Barb said...

Mmm! Lots of questions now...

What temp and how long for the broccoli? What brand were the muffins?

My kids love Zatarrain's red beans and rice - have you ever had it? If so, how does the casserole compare?

Gorgeous. said...

OK Barb...!! The broc will cook at what ever temp the oven is on at the time! cook it until it smells done. We had the oven on around 375 maybe and it cooked for about 40 was SOOO good! ;D The muffin mix was Betty Crocker and was very yummy!

I've had Zararrains many moons ago... I think they will enjoy the casserole.... my kids did!! ;D