Friday, January 30

Life gives you Lemons? Make Lemon Cake!! :D

Zowie!!! :D

My lovely friend Diana came to play today with her two kiddoes. She amused me by saying, no sooner had she come in the door, "Your house is so much tidier than mine.....!!" Had she arrived a mere 5 minutes earlier she'd have been able to hear me yelling from out in her van !!! "Clean this UP!!!" "WHY is this stuff all over the floor!!??!" "Quick!!! Take this out to the trash!!!" "Jack!! Put the toys AWAY!!!! ".......


Yes, folks, another fine example of how NOT to be an AP parent. I MAY have to change the name of my blog!!! :D My only excuse is I'm currently suffering through another period from HELL and have the patience of ... um....a very impatient thing...that's probably veeeery small. Ah well... the key is to be flexible and honest enough to admit when you have a problem! That and to have an aces recipe for Frosted Lemon Cake up your sleeve and to whip it out just at the right moment!! ;D

( For those of you who arrived here on my blog after Googling the phase "Whip it out" I apologise, I'm betting this isn't what you were expecting, however, I'm leaving it in, it might improve my traffic!!! :D )

Now, where was I !! Oh yes!! The cake! :D It was darn delicious!! Diana and kids were great fun, my two had all sorts of fun, there was much screaming, laughter and tearing about the place. Good times, good times. So I suppose there are a bunch of you out there who want the recipe now..... I'll find it

... hang on.......

Found it!

I'll put it in the sidebar!! :D

Oh! And sorry if my blog sounds a little "punchy" today... I'm a TAD high on Sugar.....!! ;D

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