Tuesday, January 27

Flakey me....!

We're finally getting a little more snow today.....REAL snow, not that pellety stuff that's good for nothing except being WHITE!! :D Yesterday some fluffy snow fell as we were driving all over town. The flakes landed on the van windows and we could see each little tiny branch, every minute detail. I am fascinated by the beauty that is a snowflake and intend to spend a reasonable amount of time focused on them today!! We'll use our microscope and
this website to aid our studies!! I think we may also have to see if it's snowball worthy yet!!!! We haven't had any snowball snow in ages!!! Finally I'm pretty sure that any expedition out in to the snow will have to be concluded with a cup or two of hot chocolate and perhaps a blazing log fire... we'll see how it all works out!!!

Don't flake out on me now!!

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