Monday, January 26

Little Boy Bladder! ;D

Jackster has been driving me half mad by peeing his pants on a regular basis. Sometimes he seems to have a bladder full, other times it's just a little pee... enough to wet his pants and through to his jeans but not enough to have a huge fight about. Yesterday I took the kiddoes to Super Target ( du du du duuuuhhhh!!) and prudently took him to the bathroom before we left home. It's a 15 minute drive people. When we got there, he had peed. GAH! It was 9 degrees out and I didn't want his willy to freeze off!!! I HAD to go in the store as we had gone to get his glasses repaired! We went in with him wet. Bah. Today we took Jack for an eye exam. We set off early in the morning, again, peeing first. A 25 minute drive, straight to the bathroom on arrival..... wet. AAGGGHHH...... Since we were out anyway I decided to call the Pediatricians and have them make sure the guy doesn't have some sort of infection. We took him in and they had him pee in a "hat" !! ROFLMAO!!! I LOVE when they ask him to "pee in the hat" such a visual!!! :D Anyhoo... he peed in the hat and they proclaimed him as having "perfect" pee!!! Who knew there were qualifications?!?! :D So, no infection, diabetes, nothing worrisome. Great. So why the blazes does he keep peeing?!!? It's making me NUTS. The nurse explained that little boys, from the ages of about 5 to about 8 tend to have spazzy bladders which will suddenly start spasming for no particular reason and without warning. Also, said small boys are less likely to pee until they are done, preferring instead to pee only as much as makes their bladder feel comfortable enough to continue playing!! Ah HAH!! Makes a lot of sense!! :D

I'm to make peeing "exciting" and "fun" for him..... perhaps have him pee on a Cheerio ( about all they are good for ...!!! ) or some other cereal product. The nurse said that he needs to pee for as long as he can and then try again to pee some more. I suggested I teach him to write his name in the snow....!! ;D She gamely smiled and pressed on .....!! ;D

Anyway, there ya go. Little Boy Bladder. A made up name for a condition that bothers Mothers more than Boys I'm thinking.

Reminds me of a nursery rhyme........!!!


Risa said...

Good to know. We've struggled with this from time to time here....and I've learned that Gareth in particular will get so engrossed in a DVD you have to make a point of stopping it every hour and strongly encourage him to try going.

You don't want to know how many times the Poang (IKEA) chair cushion has gone thru the wash. :-)

Stephanie said...

That is good to to know!

Trev doesn't ever have accidents, but Maddie went through a couple of months that damned near drove me mad.
Several times a day.
Sometimes it's hard to not get irritated about it. (she's over it, now).

I'm glad someone gave you an explanation for it -- I'm sure that helped a lot! Sometimes all it takes is stepping out of it for a second (such as via someone saying "spasms"), and then our wise, patient, and loving selves can take over the situation for a while. :)
I love it when that happens.

Alicia said...

My Anna obviously didn't have "little boy bladder" but she did have bladder spasms and still occasionally does (during the day or at night, which leads to wetting the bed). When it hits, she just suddenly desperately has to GO, now!

I had bladder spasms after they cut my bladder with my C-section and they are awful! You can get them with almost nothing at all in there and you feel like you're going to burst and feel very panicky! With Anna, they seem to be triggered by some foods. I've heard that OJ is a trigger for a lot of kids but it wasn't for her.

Just mentioning all that in case anybody else out there has little girls with "little girl bladder." :)

I'm glad you got some answers and hope he outgrows it soon!

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks everybody! :D It is good to have a name for it if only to stop me "blaming" him. The doc suggested several things along with the inattention, failure to fully evacuate and spasms.... Orange juice, soda, caffeine and chocolate are all triggers too... best watch out for those! ;D