Wednesday, January 28

Is it the Wiiiiikend yet?!!? :D

I know, I know, the Wii and computer games goes against everything I wanted in our house... well sort of.... everything part of my personality wanted!! ;D My hubby teases me by saying that I am not a typical Gemini as I have six personalities rather than two! ;D One of my personas loves the Waldorfy type approach to homeschooling, another likes the Classical approach, another Unschooling and still another loves TV, computers, and, the Wii......!! The reason I like it so is more for what it has done for our family. Rex and Jack in particular seem to really bond over their racing games. Today the "boys" played We Ski. They took to the slopes and instead of racing each other or competing, they played at chasing and skiing into each other!!! :D They played for HOURS and they LAUGHED and laughed!! They used to enjoy watching movies together, but even the best of movies doesn't bring them as much mutual happiness as the Wii...!! :D

It's not what I had hoped for in a way, I mean, I look at some blogs with peaceful homes, white walls, wood floors, natural toys and baking together and I sigh a little sigh.. but then I remember what I DO have. I am happy and grateful to have a family that plays together and enjoys each others company. It might not be what I had in mind, but I'm happy with it all the same. :D



Catonine said...

now you need two Wii Fits so that they can both ski for real for fake for real.

It sounds like a great time was had.


Gorgeous. said...

Oh yeah!! I'd LOVE the Wii Fit board!! A friend of ours has one and it's such FUN!! ;D That's next on our list of things we don't really need to spend our money on but probably will! ;D


Risa said...

Well said, Lady! Our house isn't quite how I envisioned it either, but it is happy most of the time. It's taken me a while, but I realize now the person causing the problem with how much TV / DVDs being watched here is ME. Yes, the boys get squirrelly if they watch too much sometimes, but that almost never happens anymore. Why? BOTH boys now say things like, "I've had enough TV" or "I've had enough of shows".

I've long been very anti-computer games too (recovering Civilization addict myself, and I never liked the blow-'em-up type games), but I have been asking Jim about getting a Wii. I was really impressed with it at your place, and think it would be a way for us to get some movement into our (winter) days, and have fun together as a family.

Alicia said...

Those houses with white walls and bare floors depress me! I can't bear them. I love your house! It's cheerful and pretty and comfortable and full of love and things that bring pleasure like tea and Wii and.... trying to think of another ee word! Thee?!

Glad the boys are bonding with the Wii. It is fun, isn't it? And there's few better sounds than kids and dads laughing together. :)

Andrea Knapp said...

I bought George the Wii a couple of months ago and he loved it, and then at Christmas i got the Wii fit and George has already lost 4 lbs! He LOVES it and as you said, it is a bonding thing! Everyone wants to have a go and we all do it together!