Thursday, June 12

Weathering the Weather.

Here in NE we've had our share of stormy weather lately... we've had Shear Winds


... and now last night, Tornadoes.

Happily for me and my family, we didn't see any tornadoes on the ground, but boy, they were close enough.... the air was THICK and so still... it was very creepy. The tornado sirens went off on three separate occasions and we spent three long hours under the stairs.... one dog, two kids, one cat, two adults, three rats, one gerbil and three fish. I'm going to have to install seating in there if we have to spend much more time sheltering! My knees were killing me and if I banged my head on the ceiling one more time I was going to come a little unglued!!!!
I'm just waiting for all this crazy weather to settle down so I can put the pool up!!!! I hope it's sunny where you are!!

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