Monday, June 9

Catch up! :D

Or, where the heck have we been?!

Wow, we've been really busy lately and I keep taking photos and planning to blog about them all... but then I don't get around to it and something ELSE exciting happens so I take pictures of that and then don't get around to posting those either...etc.

Let's see where to start... Hmm....we've been doing some school, but not enough for my liking. That's just the way it goes around here. I've started running thanks to inspiration from my friend, Sarah. I started running 50 paces and walking 50 paces. I increased my paces daily and yesterday I ran 550 paces, walked 100 ran 610 paces and was home! I nearly ran the whole thing! Today when I run I'll run 580, walk 100 and run 580... soon I'll be running it all.. which, frankly, seemed an impossible dream a few weeks ago! :D It's only running for 12 minutes or so, but much of it is uphill including the last stretch! Baby steps people! :D

Rex took me out to see Sex and the City for my birthday! It was a really neat movie and I enjoyed it tremendously. I loved the series too though, so what's not to love!?

We had terrible weather here lately, storms, wind, tree damage, tornado threats, floods... it just went on and on!! Now we have the aftermath... muddy waters, cornstalks high up on tree trunks and debris everywhere. I took tons of flood pictures.. I'll see if I can get some up here...

This may not be easy to see, but the road...?? it's gone. The railway line that runs across it washed away in several places throughout town and had to be rebuilt! We spent Friday fixing our house where water POURED into the basement and spent Saturday cutting up a tree that fell and touring flooded lakes.

We're recently become excited about Geocaching. We found several Geocaches using Google Maps alone, but for my birthday I got a GPS device which will make finding them easier still!! Whoo hoo!! I saw a T Shirt that said on the front "I use Multi Million Dollar Satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. What's YOUR hobby?"!!! I did laugh!! Rex thought that was hilarious... he SCORNS my Geocaching in favor of his hobby which is searching for graves !! Yup. ! He belongs to a group online where a person might post that he is from out of state and is doing family tree research. Perhaps he would like to find his great grandmother's grave and all he knows is she was buried in Ashland. Rex then goes to the cemetery, finds the grave, photographs it ( and maybe any others of the same family ) and posts them on the website. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from it and feels he is helping other people. Lah dee dah. I find Tupperware hidden in trees. I gain satisfaction from that!! ; P

We took Jackster to the eye doc recently. Hmmm. For years I have TOLD everybody there is NOTHING wrong with Jack's eyes. .... Ah. Turns out his eyes are sooo bad that he can barely see anything which would explain, as Rex said, why he looks so surprised when you throw a ball to him and is comes "out of nowhere" and hits him in the chest. Poor kid! His prescription for glasses is soooo strong that they won't give him it full strength as it might shock him off his feet! He is getting 1/3 strength to start with and they will slowly increase it as he gets used to being able to see!!! We found some really neat frames for him that you can screw up in a ball if you wanted to..... don't know WHY we felt the need to do that... he's such a delicate and gentle fellow!!!

Hmm... what else is new?? Oh! We have FISH. We now have NINE pets in this house. I should NOT be allowed to go to Petco unsupervised!!! :D They had goldfish on sale, so I got one for Jack! He LOVES to watch the fish. We asked him what he would like to name it and suggested a few options for him....

Goldy?? Dorothy??? BOB!?!!?

..."Wait, wait wait wait.." he said, holding up his hand

....."Nemo!" .... !!!

Nemo it is!!! We kept Nemo in a large vase by the computer and hoped he wouldn't grow too big. I was visiting a friend who has a green thumb when it comes to pets and plants... she is almost over run with fish who keep having babies.... yeah.... you guessed what happened right??? She sent me home with two more. ( Fame, and Fortune!) Well three fish in that little vase was too much fish. I needed a bigger bowl. I wanted something interesting... like a coffee pot, or a blender... but found in Goodwill a GIGANTIC vase with painted daisies on the side. I actually planned to scrape off the daisies, but everyone else loves them! The fish like all the room and last night we had fun feeding them mosquito larvae from our fountain in the garden!!! Honestly, when there is a Tornado watch it takes ages just to get all the animals downstairs !!!!!

So I think that's about it for now..... I'm sure I'll come up with some more news soon enough but as of now, that's your update!! I'll try and get some more pictures up soon, but I really should be cleaning the house! ( which MIGHT be why I am blogging... Procrastination QUEEN, that's me! )

I hope all is well with you and yours......! Take care now!! :D


Barb said...


Your posts weren't coming through my emails, so I subbed in Google Reader. Glad to see you're posting again, so now I can keep up. :D

I want to get into geocaching, too, though your DH's hobby sounds really cool and useful, though I don't really need something else useful to do. :P

From the one pet family (until we live somewhere we can have a dog or cat, or both),

Barb (yep, aphs Barb)

p.s. check out my site for current pics of the kids:

Glad to know what's going on in your life again!!

Alicia said...

Post a pic of Jack in his new glasses! I bet he looks darling. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb and Alicia! :D

I will post a pic of Jack in his glasses when we get them... he tried them on in the store and he looks fantastic! The prescription is so strong it will take extra time to make them....!! :}

We'll probably get them on Monday if not sooner! :D