Friday, June 13

It's our Anniversary !!!

12 years of wedded bliss!!! ;D ( well mostly!! We have our days.....!! )


Barb said...

Happy Anniversary!! That's a lovely video you put together. Great pictures! What *is* that white spot that's on so many of them (and on some of them more than once)? At first I thought it was a reflection of a flash on glass, but realize you couldn't have been taking so many photos through a window. ;) Is it something that the video software put there?

Gorgeous. said...

Barb! The white spots are our spirit guides. They appear on almost all pictures taken of us !! :D


I didn't have the scanner hooked up so I took photos of old 35mm pictures on the dining room table.. the white spots COULD be the dining room lights....

but I like the spirits idea better!! :D