Saturday, June 14

How to make a 5 year old look like an 8 year old in one easy step!!

Or, Jack got his new glasses today!!! :D
Doesn't he look smart?!?! :D I think he looks like a real braniac in them not to mention the fact that he now looks about 3 years older!!!

There are tons of pictures, so you'll just have to bear with me!

He seems to like wearing them for a while but they probably make his eyes hurt as it's a strong prescription and still needs to be increased, so he takes them off fairly frequently!

He looks soooo big here!

This one makes it look like he's busy working out some physics problem or other and would like us to not disturb him please!

Here he is, helping Daddy put up the pool!

Focusing intently... but not on top of it!

Looking brainy and helpful!!!

I was so proud of him today! We took him into the store to pick up the glasses and we put them on him... He said "WOW!!" and started looking around! He told us everything he could see! We walked around the store awhile and he spent so much time looking around him, he kept failing to look in front of him and plowed into store displays and passing customers!

Anyway, that's him. That's his look from now on I expect. How odd to think he'll wear glasses the rest of his life! Lucky for him they look GOOD on him!! :D


Sarah said...

What a handsome guy, Tiffany. :)

Melody said...

My goodness he is gorgeous! The glasses look great.