Wednesday, June 18

A few of my favorite things!

I had an Oprah moment this morning! I was admiring my new kettle that Hubby bought for us for our Anniversary...! I know, how practical, but it really was just what we both wanted! ;D It's LOVELY!

After gazing at the kettle I went upstairs to our bedroom to sort laundry and noticed the light filtering through the blinds and curtains. I LOVE when the light does that... it's so.... hmm.. I don't know, tropical looking maybe? I went for the camera and captured it for eternity! ;D

Since I had the light, I ought to get the kettle.... oh and I really love the blue sky.... and my roses... and the swimming pool.... and ... and.......
And here's the post! ;D

THE KETTLE! In all it's shiny glory! ;D Yes, I DO dry it off after each use to keep it clean! ( we'll see how long that lasts! :D )

The light through our bedroom window... it's magical to me....

A clear blue sky on a summer morning.....

One of my favorite rose bushes....

And another one... I love the colors in this one....

I have always been drawn to water, especially clear, blue water on a hot summer's day! This pool calls to me ( only I know how cold it is, so I've ignored it's siren song so far! )

If you'd have spoken with me lately when I was outside, you wouldn't believe I really like this, but our Cottonwood trees are shedding copious amounts of seed at the moment, so much so it's like a snow storm. I was sitting outdoors talking on the phone and was having to stop talking to pull cottonwood out of my mouth! It got a little ridiculous! :D

I LOVE my big screen computer monitor! My hubby bought it for me a while back but I still LOVE it!!

* sigh * ..... my Big Red Machines.....!! I LOVE my big red machines. They are WONDERFUL! They make doing laundry a pleasure. I love the brrrring sound they make when you turn them on. I love that they are almost silent when they run and I LOVE the handy dandy little gadget that Rexy bought to go with them.. it's a sort of monitor for the machines that sits in the living room and tells me how many more minutes each machine has to run. When the cycle is completed the little monitor quietly says "bing bong, bing bong, bing bong" and I know the laundry is clean and ready to go in the dryer or is ready to be folded...!! Ah... I feel like Snow White! ;D I've had these machines a year now and I STILL love to use them. I still pet them when I walk by and I still have a little happy sigh when I first turn them on in the morning!

I know... you've probably lost all respect for me now..! ;D


Barb said...

Hey Gorgeous! I just got my own big screen! Your post looks so small in the middle. LOL

And I also LOVE cottonwood seeds blowing in the wind. It's very magical!! Sorry to all of those with allergies, but I just LURVE IT!!

Congrats on your kettle. :D

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks Barb! ;D It must be dreadful for those with cottonwood allergies... can you imagine!?!?

Melody said...

Oh my you have some lovely photos of your favourite things. THat pool looks very (very) inviting indeed but I also know just how *cold* it would be.

Hey I love your big red machines! How wonderful!!

(It's been ages since I visited so I will visit you more often now...)

Andi said...

I didn't know you had a pool!!!!!!!

We were waiting anxiously for ours to open but have hardly used it since it was!

and WHAT gadget do you have for your washer/dryer? I want one !!!! *pouts*

Gorgeous. said...

Ah, Andi, 'tis but a portable pool! We have to put it together in the driveway every summer... not like SOME people!!! ;D

And the washing machine gadget.... hmm... I'll look it up... hang on.... Here's the link!