Friday, June 20

Morning walks...

Oh I love to walk in the morning !!

I went for a run this morning, did my aerobics ( Buns of Steel today! ) and then we went out for a walk in the fresh air.

Lately Jessie has taken to bringing one of the rats along... today was Violet's turn. Jack brought a little plastic fishing pole... I brought the dog and the wagon! ;D

The wagon is an old metal one that serves it's purpose just fine, but MAN it's noisy! :D

Anyway, here are some pics from this morning's excursion! :D

Jessie wearing a too small hat of Jack's and holding Violet the shoulder rat!

Jack intently walking the dog!

This is Brecon, enjoying her walk! :D We use a halti collar on her which is not like a muzzle at all, although it looks a bit like one. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who has a dog who pulls when she walks! Brecon is a really good old dog, but she could pull your arms out if you had her in the wrong collar!!
Anyway, I hope you like the pics! We are going out to meet some homeschool friends in the park this morning... I've got the homemade tortilla dough ready to go ... going to make some yummy picnic nosh! Remind me later... I have some photos and a video of Jackster, fishing in the fish bowl!!!

Enjoy your day!


Alicia said...

Lovely pics! I love that you guys bring the rats on the walks! :)

Gorgeous. said...

Well they DO like to get out once in a while!! :D The gerbil is too squirrly and you should have seen the cat's face when I tried to put a leash on him!!! LOL!!!