Thursday, June 19

For the entrepreneurial kiddo in all of us!

The other day I found a book at the library called "Beyond the Lemonade Stand" which, due to unfortunate library sticker placement, I somehow read as "Be Your Own Lemonade Stand" LOL!!! It's by some guy......( Rancic?!? ) and it's written for children and explains how they can easily start their own little business (ad)ventures!!! It's very inspiring and Jessie is all excited and plans to sell ice cream to the neighbors... ! We'll see how that works! Anyway, I wanted to pass the title along as some of you might have kids who would get a kick out of having their own business! ;D

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Barb said...

In the neighborhood we lived in years ago, there was a very entrepreneurial boy, who made lots of money each summer selling ice cream. Popsicles in particular. He sold them for 10 cents each, but he was surrounded by kids... it was family housing at our local university. You could find him every day at the playground with his cooler of popsicles. 10 cents made it an easy buy for the parents, and made him a profit. Even 25 cents would've been a good deal for a parent! Get your girl a cooler!!!