Thursday, January 10

AP Moment of the day ~ The tinkle of a child's laughter...

Or, how to make your daughter laugh until she pees!! ;D

Lately we've been having some rather unfortunate Pee related incidents. (P.R.I.'s)! We were out walking the dog ( something I try and do as often as possible but not VERY often in winter!! It's COLD out there!!) and we were laughing about something or other, I can't even remember what it was we were laughing at... and Jessie suddenly said "Stop making me laugh or I'll pee your pants..." !!

"....???!!... You'll pee MY pants!!!??! " I said "Ahm gonna laugh SOOOOO hard ah'll pee YER Pants!!!" I teased.

Ooops....!! Little giggling girls go from happy to irritated really quick if you make them pee their pants! Even if they WERE laughing at the time! :D

Today we had a similar occurrence! We were watching these dizzy rats of ours. We threw in a bunch of broccoli leaves and they went BONKERS for it. Rosebud, usually the meeker rat, kept dragging huge branches of leaves and stashing them away in her house. She would stash, scurry back, pick up another branch and haul it up the little walkway and hide it and then back down for some more. The other two gals were oblivious and simply chewing away at the one little piece they had in their mitts. Rosebud had a huge stash and Jessie and I were doing voices for all the rats.. "Hey!!! Get out of my way!! I have FOOD !! It's Mine mine MINE!!!" etc. This was all well and good until we decided to put the entire stalk from the broccoli in there. Rosebud shot out of her house, dashed to the stalk and opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could get it. The stalk was about twice as big as her, but she managed to get her teeth into it and, straddling it like a horse, she hauled, dragged and shimmied it up to her little nest, an old, square, tissue box. Well you can imagine what happened next.... naturally the huge stalk wouldn't get into the box. She tugged, she pulled, she struggled..... and we laughed and laughed and laughed!!!!!!

Poor Jessie. All this laughter necessitated a mad dash to the bathroom and a quick change....!! LOL!!!

Somehow it didn't seem all that important!! If my girl is peeing her pants from laughing too hard with me.... well... it almost doesn't get much better than that!!!! These bloomin' rats have already proven to be invaluable. We spend hours bonding with them, and correspondingly, bonding together. ... Now we just need to work on getting to the bathroom a liiiiittle faster! :D

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