Monday, January 7

AP Moment of the Day.. Don't sit on the kids! :D

I'm reading a new parenting book at the moment called "Parents, please don't sit on the kids" ( or something very close to that~) and it has been very helpful so far. It's the same advice as usual, don't yell at your kids, don't hit them, treat them with respect and kindness and offer them choices etc etc ... ( yadda yaddda yadda!!! ;D ) but it's good to hear again and it actually does work! :D I think I read this sort of stuff in the past when Jessie ( who has always been a really "good" child ) was being a good child and again when Jack was still but a baby and not quite the "BOY" he has become!! :D We always thought that perhaps it was because he was Down's that made him more difficult.... ahem.... with much apologies to my good friends .... it's because he's a boy. I can't believe it, but it's true. He's. All. Boy. Through and through!! :D Anyway, this book has been very helpful and on top of my successful day out yesterday the book, the kid and I have had a happy day today. When he started acting up and out and throwing toys and books about ( a little rhyme there!!) I was able to keep my cool and tell him why I didn't want him to act that way, I used "I" messages, and I would give him options, one of which usually involved him moving in a Northerly direction!! ' D the tactic worked and I was STUNNED to find that simply explaining why I didn't want him to throw his enormous bear around near the water glasses or the plants was enough to make him say "OK..." and STOP DOING IT!!! I didn't even raise my voice, let alone yell!! ;D Also using "I" messages and saying things like " I am getting agitated by your running around. Please come to the bathroom and put your pants back on right away..." was enough to garner cooperation!! No kidding!! :D I should try it with hubby!! Not the part about the pants of course...! :D

So anyway, it's a good book, today was a good day! :D Maybe I CAN do this after all!!? :D

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Anonymous said...

Hey Great blog!!! My 2.5 year old boy has been testing my patients!! You have to read Gordon Neufeld's Book, his theory about raising children is all about connection and guarding that connection from peers.