Tuesday, January 8

Ap Moment of the day~ By Jove, I think she's got it!

Another good day!! :D Woot!! ;D I know, 2 decent days in a row and suddenly all is right with the world!! :D Parents, Please Don't Sit On Your Kids is a really surprising little gold mine for me... either that or I'm just in the right frame of mind to receive the information... but for instance it tells parents to be clear in the way you communicate to your children and to explain the reasons WHY something has to be a certain way. Today I tried this with Jackster. ( and it has JUST occurred to me that I don't do this with Jessie anymore... I expect her to just DO what I ask without question as she is older and should just KNOW why I want this or that .... hhhmmm... enlightening as I type! :D ) anyway....!! .... Jack had thrown a banana peel on the floor and had left it there. I asked him to put it in the trash and he said "No. You do it" !!! I explained to him that if he had produced trash he needed to put it in the trash can otherwise, if everyone left their trash on the floor the house would fill up and would be dirty and horrible and not a nice place to live...... He looked a me for a moment, then said "OK".... walked over to the peel, carried it to the trash and then put it away !!!!!! I was stupefied!! :D Soooooo simple!!! Lest you think that might be a one off, let me show you another example!! Tonight the children were allowed an ice cream cone for dessert ( Organic!! It was Organic!!!) and whilst they ate at the table I made a small bowl for myself and sat and chatted on the couch with hubby as I ate it. Presently the children came into the living room and made it clear they wanted to eat their cones with us. Ordinarily that wouldn't really be a big problem, but hubby and I were enjoying a rare moment of face time and preferred they stay at the table. I told Jessie to go to the dining table until she was done and she went right away. Jackster was NOT going to leave and he was ADAMANT about it!!! ........

( sorry... got distracted. Always think of Adam Ant when I see Adamant but now I can't remember a single song he sang!!! tsk. ) .... anyhooo..... OH! Did I mention that I thought Jessie might have ADHD...!! LOL!! I've just realised how ironic that statement is !!!! LOL!!!

SOOOOOO!!!..... where was I !!!?!? Oh yes, Jackster was determined (!!) he was not going to leave the living room, so I said to him "Honey, we would like you to eat your ice cream at the table so that if it drips we can easily wipe it up. If it drips on the carpet the carpet will get all sticky and then it will be really hard to clean......." and he said.... and I'm not kidding... "OK"... and he went to the dining table to finish his ice cream!! :D You should have seen hubby's face!!!! LOL!!! It's amazing!!! :D

So life has been a little more pleasant around here lately ... I think Jessie has a problem focusing on one thing at a time, but given my tendency to "digress" ( again, I've only just put these two things together, right here, right now!!!) ... I think she may get it from me! :D

**Oh!! Look!! A Butterfly!!!!!!!**...................


Jack has been driving me bats with peeing all the time. Gah. The boy is toilet trained but suddenly he has wet himself 5 times today. FIVE TIMES. *tsk, and indeed, sheesh*

I feel it is probably linked to the inordinate quantity of Satsuma oranges the boy ate yesterday AND the half gallon of Orange Juice he drank this morning. Ahem. Yeah. I know. Call me slow...!! :D

I'm cold turkeying the blighter and we'll hope that tomorrow is a drier one! :D

But hey!! Nothing can cloud this mood tonight!!! :D Whooo HOOOO!! What a GREAT DAY! :D

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Sarah said...

So glad today and yesterday went better for everyone!

Thought about you while in Super Target last night; it's past time for another coffee/fruity drink/green tea ladies night out.

Thank you for your comments on my blog...:)