Saturday, December 8

AP Moment of the day ~ what to do when your son makes you wish you'd only had one child and it wasn't necessarily him?...

...You take a few moments and gaze at a picture of him that you love and you watch as the little bugger "Hewlps cween" the table and the kitchen with those sparkly eyes that get him out of so much trouble....!! I swear today I just wished I'd never had him. I know that it's almost a hanging offence to say that sort of thing out loud, but facts are facts. He is VERY difficult almost daily. He seems to be able to muck up the simplest of tasks and I don't mean accidentally, making every outing or activity a trial... but then he will look at you with his loving eyes and a big grin and your heart melts for him. It's lucky he's cute..... that's all I can say!!!

This is the pic I gaze at.... how can you not love this face!?!?!

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