Friday, December 7

AP Moment of the day ~ the things you do for love!

Today we had to go for a walk to the post office in the snow. We didn't just walk... we had to take the sled!! Jackster and Jessie both wanted to ride but that's one heck of a load for a little plastic sled never mind the fact that the dear city folk had cleared the streets for all our sakes ... and now there was no snow or ice to pull the thing on!! LOL!!! I managed to find enough ice in the middle of the road to ease us along but Jessie had to walk most of the way! We also had the dog and a bag of mail .... what a sight!!! I could quite happily have just driven down, but that's not where you make the memories is it?!?! "oh, I remember the days when Mum would drive us to the post office...!! " nooo.. the memories come from when Mum is tugging her arms off trying to find the snowiest path and falling on her beeeehind in the snow to the great joy and amusement of the kids!! I had snow in the most unlikely places!!! But the memories, they are in my heart! :D

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